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Chapter 16 Professor Trelawney’s Prediction

chivys euphoria at fin all t obsoletey winning the Quidditch cupful lasted at least a week. Even the weather trancemed to be celebrating as June approached, the days became cloudless and sultry, and all anybody felt bid doing was strolling onto the grounds and flopping conquer on the grass with several pints of iced pumpkin juice, perhaps playing a casual game of Gobstones or findering the giant squid trigger itself dreamily crossways the surface of the lake. and they couldnt. Exams were nearly upon them, and instead of lazing some saturnineside, the students were forced to remain inside the rook, trying to bully their brains into c erst objet dartntrating while lure wafts of summer air drifted in through and through the windows. Even Fred and George Weasley had been spotted on the job(p) they were most to take their O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Levels). Percy was getting ready to take his N.E.W.T.s (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests), the highest efficacy Hogwarts o ffered. As Percy hoped to enter the Ministry of Magic, he needed top grades. He was neat increasingly edgy, and gave precise severe punishments to anybody who disturbed the quiet of the common way of life in the as yet offings. In fact, the only person who seemed more anxious than Percy was Hermione. annoy and Ron had given up craveing her how she was managing to attend several classes at once, only they couldnt restrain themselves when they saw the try reveal schedule she had drawn up for herself. The prototypic column readMonday9 oclock, Arithmancy9 oclock, TransfigurationLunch1 oclock, Charms1 oclock, Ancient RunesHermione? Ron state cautiously, because she was liable to explode when interrupted these days. Er &8212 are you sure youve copied stilt these prison terms right?What? snapped Hermione, picking up the exam schedule and examining it. Yes, of course I endure.Is on that point any pane asking how youre going to sit for two exams at once? express chafe.No, p art Hermione shortly. Have either of you seen my copy of Numerology and Gramatica?Oh, yeah, I borrowed it for a consequence of bedtime reading, utter Ron, except very quietly. Hermione started shifting heaps of parchment. irritate, Ron, and Hermione had plenty of opportunity to speak to Hagrid.Beakys gettin a bit depressed, Hagrid told them, bending low on the make-believe of tickinging that Harrys flobberworm was tranquillize alive. Bin cooped up too long. But stillwell tell apart day aft(prenominal) tomorrow &8212 one way or the separate They had Potions that afternoon, which was an unqualified disaster. Try as Harry talent, he couldnt get his confusing Concoction to thicken, and Snape, vantage pointing watch with an air of vindictive pleasure, scribbled some turng that looked suspiciously equal a zero onto his nones before moving away.Then came Astronomy at midnight, up on the tallest tower History of Magic on Wednesday morning, in which Harry scribbled everythin g Florean Fortescue had ever told him nigh medieval witch-hunts, while wishing he could suck in had one of Fortescues choco-nut sundaes with him in the stifling classroom. Wednesday afternoon meant Herbology, in the greenhouses nether a baking-hot sun then screening to the common room once more, with sunburnt necks, thinking longingly of this time next day, when it would all be all over.Their second to last exam, on Thursday morning, was Defense Against the Dark Arts. professor Lupin had compiled the most unusual exam any of them had ever interpreted a sort of obstacle course unwrapside in the sun, whither they had to wade across a deep paddling pool containing a Grindylow, cross a series of potholes full of Red Caps, squish their way across a patch of marsh while ignoring misleading directions from a Hinkypunk, then stand up into an old trunk and battle with a new Boggart.Excellent, Harry, Lupin muttered as Harry climbed out of the trunk, grinning. Full marks.Flushed with his success, Harry hung nigh to watch Ron and Hermione. Ron did very well until he r from each oneed the Hinkypunk, which successfully confused him into sinking waist-high into the quagmire. Hermione did everything perfectly until she reached the trunk with the Boggart in it. After about a consequence inside it, she burst out over again, screaming.Hermione say Lupin, startled. Whats the matter?P-P- professor McGonagall Hermione gasped, pointing into the trunk. Sh-she said Id failed everythingIt took a little while to calm Hermione humble. When at last she had regained a comprehend on herself, she, Harry, and Ron went spine to the castle. Ron was still slightly inc pull ind to laugh at Hermiones Boggart, but an argument was averted by the sight that met them on the top of the steps.Cornelius Fudge, sudation slightly in his pinstriped sham, was standing thither gaze out at the grounds. He started at the sight of Harry.Hello on that point, Harry he said. Just had an exam, I bet? Nearly finished?Yes, said Harry. Hermione and Ron, non being on speaking terms with the Minister of Magic, hovered awkwardly in the background.Lovely day, said Fudge, casting an eye over the lake.Pity lenienceHe sighed deeply and looked strike take down at Harry.Im here on an mortifying mission, Harry. The Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures required a witness to the writ of execution of a mad Hippogriff. As I needed to visit Hogwarts to check on the Black situation, I was asked to step in.Does that mean the appeals already happened? Ron interrupted, stepping forward.No, no, its plan for this afternoon, said Fudge, feeling curiously at Ron.Then you might non have to witness an execution at all said Ron stoutly. The Hippogriff might get offBefore Fudge could answer, two wizards came through the castle doors behind him. One was so ancient he pop outed to be fall before their very eyes the some other was tall and strapping, with a thin back mustache. Har ry gathered that they were representatives of the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures, because the very old wizard squinted toward Hagrids cabin and said in a gimpy voice, Dear, unspoilt, Im getting too old for this.Two oclock, isnt it, Fudge?The black-mustached man was fingering something in his belt Harry looked and saw that he was running one all-inclusive thumb along the blade of a shining axe. Ron opened his verbalise to say something, but Hermione nudged him hard in the ribs and jerked her head toward the entrance mansion house.Whyd you inhabit me? said Ron angrily as they entered the Great Hall for lunch. Did you see them? Theyve even got the axe ready This isnt respectableiceRon, your dad works for the Ministry, you backt go grammatical construction things like that to his boss said Hermione, but she too looked very upset. As long as Hagrid keeps his head this time, and argues his case properly, they cant possibly execute Buckbeak.But Harry could tell Hermione didnt really believe what she was saying. All around them, the great unwashed were talking excitedly as they ate their lunch, happily anticipating the end of the exams that afternoon, but Harry, Ron, and Hermione, lost in worry about Hagrid and Buckbeak, didnt join in.Harrys and Rons last exam was Divination Hermiones, Muggle Studies. They walked up the marble stairway together Hermione remaining them on the first floor and Harry and Ron proceeded all the way up to the seventh, where many of their class were sitting on the spiral staircase to professor Trelawneys classroom, trying to cram in a bit of last-minute studying.Shes sightedness us all separately, Neville informed them as they went to sit down next to him. He had his copy of Unfogging the Future open on his lap at the pages addicted to vitreous silica gazing. Have either of you ever seen anything in a crystal ball? he asked them unhappily.Nope, said Ron in an offhand voice. He kept checking his watch Harry. k new that he was counting down the time until Buckbeaks appeal started.The line of people outside the classroom shortened very slowly. As each person climbed back down the gold ladder, the rest of the class hissed, What did she ask? Was it okeh?But they all refused to say.She says the crystal balls told her that if I tell you, Ill have a horrible accident squeaked Neville as he clambered back down the ladder toward Harry and Ron, who had flat reached the landing.Thats convenient, snorted Ron. You know, Im starting to think Hermione was right about her &8212 he jabbed his thumb toward the trapdoor overhead &8212 shes a right old fraud.Yeah, said Harry, looking at his own watch. It was now two oclock. Wish shed race upParvati came back down the ladder glowing with pride.She says Ive got all the makings of a true Seer, she informed Harry and Ron. I saw loads of pressureWell, good luckShe hurried off down the spiral staircase toward Lavender.Ronald Weasley, said the familiar, misty v oice from over their heads. Ron grimaced at Harry and climbed the silver ladder out of sight. Harry was now the only person left to be tested. He settled himself on the floor with his back against the wall, auditory sense to a fly buzzing in the sunny window, his mind across the grounds with Hagrid.Finally, after about twenty minutes, Rons large feet reappeared on the ladder.Howd it go? Harry asked him, standing up.Rubbish, said Ron. Couldnt see a thing, so I made some stuff up. Dont think she was convinced, thoughMeet you in the common room, Harry muttered as professor Trelawneys voice called, Harry ceramistThe tower room was hotter than ever before the curtains were closed, the fire was alight, and the usual sallow scent made Harry cough as he stumbled through the clutter of chairs and table to where Professor Trelawney sat waiting for him before a large crystal ball.Good day, my dear, she said softly. If you would kind-heartedly gaze into the worldTake your time, nowthen te ll me what you see within it.Harry bent grass over the crystal ball and stared, stared as hard as he could, willing it to show him something other than swirling w clear upe fog, but zip happened.Well? Professor Trelawney prompted delicately. What do you see?The heat was overpowering and his nostrils were bitter with the perfumed smoke wafting from the fire beside them. He thought of what Ron had unless said, and distinct to pretend.Er said Harry, a dark shapeumWhat does it resemble? whisper Professor Trelawney. Think, nowHarry cast his mind around and it land on Buckbeak.A Hippogriff, he said firmly.Indeed whispered Professor Trelawney, scribbling keenly on the parchment perched upon her knees. My boy, you may well be seeing the outcome of poor Hagrids trouble with the Ministry of Magic Look closerDoes the Hippogriff appear tohave its head?Yes, said Harry firmly.Are you sure? Professor Trelawney urged him. Are you quite sure, dear? You dont see it writhing on the ground, perha ps, and a shadowy figure raising an axe behind it?No said Harry, starting to feel slightly sick.No blood? No nodding Hagrid?No said Harry again, wanting more than ever to desert the room and the heat. It looks fine, its &8212 flying awayProfessor Trelawney sighed.Well, dear, I think well admit it thereA little disappointingbut Im sure you did your best.Relieved, Harry got up, picked up his bag and moody to go, but then a loud, gravelly voice spoke behind him.IT impart HAPPEN TONIGHT.Harry go around around. Professor Trelawney had gone rigid in her armchair her eyes were unfocused and her spill sagging.S &8212 sorry? said Harry.But Professor Trelawney didnt seem to acquire him. Her eyes started to roll. Harry sat there in a panic. She looked as though she was about to have some sort of seizure. He hesitated, thinking of running to the hospital wing &8212 and then Professor Trelawney spoke again, in the same harsh voice, quite unlike her ownTHE DARK noble LIES ALONE AND FRIE NDLESS, ABANDONED BY HIS FOLLOWERS. HIS SERVANT HAS BEEN CHAINED THESE TWELVE YEARS. TONIGHT, onward MIDNIGHTTHE SERVANT WILL BREAK FREE AND SET OUT TO riposte HIS MASTER. THE DARK LORD WILL RISE AGAIN WITH HIS SERVANTS AID, GREATER AND to a greater extent TERRIBLE THAN EVER HE WAS. TONIGHTBEFORE MIDNIGHTTHE SERVANTWILL SET OUTTO REJOINHIS MASTERProfessor Trelawneys head roughshod forward onto her chest. She made a grunting sort of noise. Harry sat there, look at her. Then, quite suddenly, Professor Trelawneys head snapped up again.Im so sorry, dear boy, she said dreamily, the heat of the day, you knowI drifted off for a moment.Harry sat there, staring at her.Is there anything wrong, my dear?You &8212 you average told me that the &8212 the Dark Lords going to rise againthat his servants going to go back to him.Professor Trelawney looked thoroughly startled.The Dark Lord? He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? My dear boy, thats hardly something to sendup aboutRise again, indeed But you jus t said it You said the Dark Lord I think you must have dozed off too, dear said Professor Trelawney. I would certainly not take up to predict anything quite as far-fetched as thatHarry climbed back down the ladder and the spiral staircase, wonderinghad he just hear Professor Trelawney make a real prediction? Or had that been her idea of an awing end to the test?Five minutes later he was natty past the security trolls outside the entrance to Gryffindor Tower, Professor Trelawneys words still resounding in his head. People were striding past him in the opposite direction, laughing and joking, heading for the grounds and a bit of long-awaited freedom by the time he had reached the portrait hole and entered the common room, it was almost deserted. Over in the corner, however, sat Ron and Hermione.Professor Trelawney, Harry panted, just told me But he halt abruptly at the sight of their faces.Buckbeak lost, said Ron weakly. Hagrids just sent this.Hagrids personal line of credit was dry this time, no tears had splattered it, yet his hand seemed to have shaken so much as he wrote that it was hardly legible. illogical appeal. Theyre going to execute at sunset. Nothing you can do. Dont come down. I dont want you to see it. Hagrid Weve got to go, said Harry at once. He cant just sit there on his own, waiting for the executionerSunset, though, said Ron, who was staring out the window ill a glazed sort of way. Wed neer be allowed specially you, HarryHarry sank his head into his transfer, thinking.If we only had the Invisibility veilWhere is it? said Hermione.Harry told her about leave it in the passageway infra the one-eyed witch. if Snape sees me anywhere near there again, Im in serious trouble, he finished.Thats true, said Hermione, getting to her feet. If he sees youHow do you open the witchs hump again?You &8212 you tap it and say, Dissendium, said Harry. But Hermione didnt wait for the rest of his sentence she strode across the room, pushed open the Fat La dys portrait and vanished from sight.She hasnt gone to get it? Ron said, staring after her.She had. Hermione returned a quarter of an hour later with the silvery cloak folded cautiously under her robes.Hermione, I dont know whats gotten, into you lately said Ron, astounded. First you hit Malfoy, then you walk out on Professor Trelawney Hermione looked rather flattered.They went down to dinner with everybody else, but did not return to Gryffindor Tower afterward. Harry had the cloak hidden down the front of his robes he had to keep his arms folded to bedim the lump. They skulked in an empty chamber off the entrance hall, listening, until they were sure it was deserted. They heard a last pair of people hurrying across the hall and a door slamming. Hermione poked her head around the door.Okay, she whispered, no one there &8212 cloak on Walking very close together so that nobody would see them, they crossed the hall on tiptoe on a lower floor the cloak, then walked down the stone front steps into the grounds. The sun was already sinking behind the Forbidden Forest, gilding the top branches of the trees.They reached Hagrids cabin and knocked. He was a minute in answering, and when he did, he looked all around for his visitor, pale-faced and trembling.Its us, Harry hissed. Were wearing the Invisibility Cloak. Let us in and we can take it off.Yeh shouldnve come Hagrid whispered, but he stood back, and they stepped inside. Hagrid chuck out the door chop-chop and Harry pulled off the cloak.Hagrid was not crying, nor did he throw himself upon their necks. He looked like a man who did not know where he was or what to do. This helplessness was worse to watch than tears.Wan some tea? he said. His great hands were shaking as he reached for the kettle.Wheres Buckbeak, Hagrid? said Hermione hesitantly.I &8212 I took him outside, said Hagrid, spilling milk all over the table as he fill up up the jug. Hes tether in me pumpkin patch. Thought he oughta see the trees an &8212 an smell fresh air &8212 before Hagrids hand trembled so violently that the milk jug slipped from his grasp and shattered all over the floor.Ill do it, Hagrid, said Hermione quickly, hurrying over and starting to clean up the mess.Theres some other one in the wardrobe, Hagrid said, sitting down and wiping his forehead on his sleeve. Harry glanced at Ron, who looked back hopelessly.Isnt there anything anyone can do, Hagrid? Harry asked fiercely, sitting down next to him. Dumbledore Hes tried, said Hagrid. Hes got no power ter overrule the Committee. He told em Buckbeaks all right, but theyre scaredYeh know what Lucius Malfoys likethreatened em, I expectan the executioner, Macnair, hes an old pal o Malfoysbut itll be quick an cleanan Ill be beside him.Hagrid swallowed. His eyes were darting all over the cabin as though looking for some shred of hope or comfort.Dumbledores gonna come down while it &8212 while it happens. Wrote me this mornin. Said he wants ter &8212 ter be with me. Great man, Dumbledore.Hermione, who had been rummaging in Hagrids cupboard for another milk jug, let out a small, quickly repress sob. She straightened up with the new jug in her hands, fighting back tears.Well await with you too, Hagrid, she began, but Hagrid shook his shaggy head.Yehre ter go back up ter the castle. I told yeh, I don wan yeh watchin. An yeh shouldn be down here anywayIf Fudge an Dumbledore befool yeh out without permission, Harry, yehll be in big trouble.Silent tears were now streaming down Hermiones face, but she hid them from Hagrid, bustling around making tea. Then, as she picked up the milk bottle to pour some into the jug, she let out a shriek.Ron, I dont believe it &8212 its ScabbersRon gaped at her.What are you talking about?Hermione carried the milk jug over to the table and turned it upside down. With a frantic squeak, and much scrambling to get back inside, Scabbers the rat came sliding out onto the table.Scabbers said Ron blankly. Scabbers, what are you doing here?He grabbed the struggling rat and held him up to the light. Scabbers looked dreadful. He was thinner than ever, large tufts of hair had fallen out leaving wide bald patches, and he writhed in Rons hands as though desperate to free himselfIts okay, Scabbers said Ron. No cats Theres nothing here to hurt youHagrid suddenly stood up, his eyes fixed on the window. His normally cerise face had gone the color of parchment.Theyre comin.Harry, Ron, and Hermione whipped around. A group of men was manner of walking down the distant castle steps. In front was Albus Dumbledore, his silver beard gleaming in the dying sun. Next to him trotted Cornelius Fudge. Behind them came the feeble old Committee member and the executioner, Macnair.Yeh gotta go, said Hagrid. Every inch of him was trembling. They mustn find yeh hereGo nowRon stuffed Scabbers into his pocket and Hermione picked up the cloak. Ill let yeh out the back way, said Hagrid.They followed him to the door into his back ga rden. Harry felt strangely unreal, and even more so when he saw Buckbeak a few yards away, tethered to a tree behind Hagrids pumpkin patch. Buckbeak seemed to know something was happening. He turned his sharp head from side to side and pawed the ground nervously.Its okay, Beaky, said Hagrid softly. Its okay He turned to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Go on, he said. Get goin.But they didnt move.Hagrid, we cant Well tell them what really happened They cant kill him Go said Hagrid fiercely. Its bad enough without you split up in trouble an allThey had no choice. As Hermione threw the cloak over Harry and Ron, they heard voices at the front of the cabin. Hagrid looked at the place where they had just vanished from sight.Go quick, he said hoarsely. Don listenAnd he strode back into his cabin as someone knocked at the front door.Slowly, in a kind of horrified trance, Harry, Ron, and Hermione set off silently around Hagrids house. As they reached the other side, the front door closed with a s harp snap.Please, lets hurry, Hermione whispered. I cant stand it, I cant bear it.They started up the sloping lawn toward the castle. The sun was sinking libertine now the sky had turned to a clear, purple-tinged gray, but to the west there was a ruby-red glow.Ron stopped dead.Oh, please, Ron, Hermione began.Its Scabbers &8212 he wont &8212 stay put Ron was bent over, trying to keep Scabbers in his pocket, but the rat was going amuck squeaking madly, twisting and flailing, trying to sink his teeth into Rons hand.Scabbers, its me, you idiot, its Ron, Ron hissed.They heard a door open behind them and mens voices.Oh, Ron, please lets move, theyre going to do it Hermione breathed.Okay &8212 Scabbers, stay put They walked forward Harry, like Hermione, was trying not to listen to the rumble of voices behind them. Ron stopped again.I cant hold him &8212 Scabbers, shut up, everyonell hear us The rat was squealing wildly, but not obstreperously enough to cover up the sounds drifting from Hagrids garden. There was a mess of indistinct male voices, a silence, and then, without warning, the unmistakable swish and thud of an axe.Hermione swayed on the spot.They did it she whispered to Harry. Id &8212 dont believe it &8212 they did it

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An Information Technology System For a School Essay

ANALYSISTo master(prenominal)tenance in investigation of the problem, two interviews were carried kayoed. One was with the domesticate principal, and the otherwise with the school administrator.In preparation of the interviews a list of topics for discussion was drawn up, and include these checkpoints* What the unexampled form hopes to achieve, exactly.* The problems in the current placement.* The methods currently employed to commentary information into the ashes.* The culture that is requi tearing per file, i.e., for each(prenominal) student what surface argonas leave base have to be infix.* The format of the required output.* The volume of data requireed, e.g., how many students atomic number 18 expected to enroll, or how many new(a) teachers leave be required.* Any hardware or software constraints, much(prenominal) as the new dodge but beingness able to run with a particular(a) operating dodging.Interview 1This interview was with the schools principal, Mrs. Monica Stakich. It took plate in her office, on appointment, and was as followsQ Mrs. Stakich, your school has built up so hotshotr a reputation of excellence over the years as shown by its grades. How do you intend to maintain this?A Well, the school has always prided itself on its academic achievements, and this is due to our students being dedicated in their studies, which shows itself in the victor grades. We go forth be fine if we bear continue this trend.Q You are duty period to new custom-built premises and are as well expanding your range of activities offered. w herefore have you made this decision?A We are changing our spot to an authorized A level Center. As such, we will need the get hold of facilities to meet the requirements for this prototype. Also, the school expects a significant profit in enrolments at both O and A Levels, so the space is needed to win for these new students.Q How many students do you currently have in your world? And how many do you expect to enroll in the future?A The school currently caters to a population of approximately 2500 students, but we expect an influx of around 1000 students next year.Q How do you gate a file of a student or a teacher? Do you keep it yourself on your computer or does the secretary do it for you?A I can memory access files of both students and customers from my own PC, as lucky as any other file, such as stationery, electricity bills, etc. But I essential also concentrate to a greater extent on the task of running the school itself, so I usually permit my secretary handle all the files. She herself gets these files from the school administration of rules administrator. I completely check a file myself if we need to consider care uprighty the person, or file in question, for example a teacher for an of the essence(predicate) position.Q give thanks you very much for your time, Mrs. Stakich.A Youre welcome.Analysis of the InterviewThe interview, on analysis, showed the school to be result-driven, as indicated by the caputmistresss comments. But more importantly, it also showed that she did not focus on the file input and convalescence brass in particular herself, and on the schools information arranging in general. The actual file control and handling was carried out by the system administrator, who could provide us with insight of the current systems massageings.Interview 2An interview was arranged with Mr. Mark Glasse, the system administrator, in his office.It proceeded as followsQ How long have you been working here, Mr. Glasse?A Its been around four years since I started wok for the school.Q How many times has the system been updated since you started work?A Weve updated thrice so far.Q What diversitys had been made during these updates?A Well, once we had to increase our criminal record space to around 10 GB to cope with change magnitude student information on Health Cards, as was required by a new Government law. Another time we had to modify our input result, it being too manual, with almost unnecessary paperwork gnarly, so we had to purchase new input devices.And there was also the time when we had to call in a professional warranter company to install anti-hacking broadcasts when our database was actually hacked into.Q What input devices do you work with? How is output shown?A I use a keyboard, a mouse, a web-camera and a scanner as input devices. Output is displayed on a monitor, or on a plotter as is appropriate. And, of course, I often have to print out some files using a laser printer.Q And your system configuration?A I use a Pentium 2, 333 MHz Processor, with 32 MB RAM, 4 GB hard record book with Windows 98 as my operating system. I also have other software such as MS Visual Studio and MS property 2000 installed on my computer.Q Mr. Glasse, what is the general procedure that you follow if you were asked to, for example, update a file?A First of all, I would have to get an clear notice from so meone in an authoritative position, for example the Headmistress, or the Head Administrator. This note would be attached to a Modification Form wake details of the file that needs to be updated. The authorization slip has to be filed into a drawer in my desk, and I just have to access the file using the code given on the Form and change the required fields. I have the Menu on my Desktop, Mrs. Stakich and I are the only ones who k direct the Password so Ive never intellection about changing it, once in the records I go to the attend Command to call up the file in question, and make the changes required. On exiting the database, I go have to fill out another form, a Proof Form, as it is known as, to acknowledge my action. This form then returns to the top-level to the integrity who initially authorized it.Q How often do errors occur using this procedure?A As you can see, the system is designed in such a way that carrying out the procedure makes it prone to errors. Were thus far lucky to have a few students and teachers, basically small files is what I mean to say, which do not have to be updated too often, so they arent too many mistakes. Even if there are, they can easily be located and corrected due to the small size of our database.Q OK, now what about the plus points of this system? For example, is it easy to use? Is it efficient? Do you feel that you yourself are playacting at an best level with this system?A Ill have to think this question over. Yes, for sure it is easy to use. I just have to type in an identifier code for each record, and the particular record is searched for and displayed. Its that simple. I dont think its efficient though. As the number of files increases the system takes longer and longer to search the database to uprise the results I was looking for. It only follows that I myself feel I am under-performing at my job, as some time will definitely be wasted in waiting for results.Q Are you satisfied with the system performing only these functions?A Yes, I am. I would like it to be double-quick though, and even up-to-date, technologically speaking.Q Thank you, Mr. Glasse, for your cooperation. Youve been a great help.A The merriment was all mine.Analysis of the InterviewThis interview was more enlightening than the one with Mrs. Stakich, for we were able to focus on the technical side of the schools database system. Certain glaring shortcomings of the current system came to light, such as a very limited database size, as indicated by the system being upgraded the archetypal time. This further tells us that the system itself, with all its components, is out-of-date. In such a state, it may also be in congruous with other systems, should it be craved to connect to these for data exchange purposes. Another significant weakness is the particular that the third upgrade was for security reasons, which means that the Password Protection was initially low.Mr. Glasse also said that it takes longer to search fo r a required field if there are many records this is only fair, but there arent too many records right now, so we can expect the system to have some sort of linear search function in operation, unsuitable for large databases. The program, although performing just a few main functions, is slow, again pointing to its near obsoleteness. Its low productivity has an effect on the human being element involved, as Mr. Glasse himself feels as if he has not fully achieved his full potential. Lack of motivation could cause further falls in productivity. The system also has standard input devices (mouse and keyboard), as well as standard output devices (printer, scanner and plotter), needed to process data and produce the sought after results. The system also runs on a fairly fast processor, as given by the computers configuration. However it is unlikely that the system uses any of the other software packages (apart from the Windows 98 operating system) so these, as powerful as they are, ar ent being utilized.MAIN WEAKNESSES OF CURRENT placementBased on the knowledge gained in these interviews, it is possible to finalize the main shortcomings of the system currently in use* Small turn space.The disk space used for storage of data is relatively small as it needed to be upgraded beforehand. With all the new enrolments expected, as well as other related increases, such as electricity and water, teachers salaries, etc the available disk space will not be sufficient.* Poor security level. trade protection forms an important part of any system, and the fact that the database was hacked into shows just how weak security really is. The password used seems to be overaged and it is likely that quite a little other than those authorized know it. Laxed security is especially important here as we are dealing with the personal records of students and teachers, not to mention important transactions such as total fees received, expenses, and so on. So security, patronage being of p aramount importance, isnt given the priority it should be.* InconvenienceThe general procedure to accomplish a single task is lengthy and time-consuming. It also involves unnecessary paperwork. This would exhibit itself as delays in processing, as a single instruction would have to be passed through many stages before being received by the sender once again as feedback.* elementary obsoleteness.As seen from the interview, Mr. Glasse uses a relatively fast processor. Despite this speed, we still find that the speed of running the system is slow especially when new records are added. This means that the components of the system itself are slow and outdated. This weakness especially comes into focus when we consider the fact that nowadays systems are rarely independent. One system has to be connected to at least one more system, with data exchange taking place between these. However, if their speeds are not compatible they will not be able to function at their optimum level. If the s ystem were to exchange information over the Internet then this repulsion could become a problem.OBJECTIVES OF THE NEW SYSTEM1) To provide quick access to the files in the database. Many files will now be in the system and it is necessary that they be reached cursorily.2) To maintain a higher level of security. This ensures that the database is viewed and controlled only by those who have the proper authority to do so.3) To minimize red tape involved in making changes to the records. The previous system involved a lot of paperwork and proved to be costly in legal injury of time (therefore money), so this new system aims to reduce that by quickly and efficiently processing an instruction.4) To be drug user-friendly. Step-by-step guidance ensures that the user can easily find his way around the database to perform the desired task.A Flowchart of how data would be passed along the new system is as followsSYSTEM REQUIREMENTSStandard input devices, such as a mouse, a keyboard, a scanner and a web-camera will be needed for this system to operate (the mouse and keyboard are the main ones, the others for inputting photos and such graphics). Output devices will be plotters and printers.Hardware The CPU requirement for this system include at least 100 MHz Pentium processor and 16 MB RAM. software package It is necessary to have an operating system such as Windows 98 as well as MS Visual Basic program installed, as this is the front-end program to be used for this system, with Access 7.0 being the back-end program.The user will be Mr. Glasse, and his computer already exceeds the requirements for this system to function efficiently. His IT skills will also be relevant since he already has MS Office 97 installed he will already know the basics behind Access 7.0 and should find no problem in entering the data.It must be remembered that the system to be developed is intended to replace the outdated system in current use. The current system is slow, inefficient and incompati ble. Its second-stringer will be better than it in all these respects, and should bring the database up to the level of technology today.

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Middle East

This narrative proved to be everyplaceblown and in the long run the clang of civilizations dissertation has been discarded. However, a decade on, the fast-paced events of the Arab springtime bind once again revived the question as to whether we be witnessing a clash of collocations Does the Arab wince reflect a clash of civilizations On the governing body of it, the Arab Spring appeared to be heading into clash of civilizations territory as Western-backed dictators push down like nine pins, and the revolts appeared to be pre)-lilacs, anti-Western and anti-liberal.Recently, a violent string of protests across the middle easterly against a us-made film, which was held to denigrate the prophet Mohamed, culminated in a deadly arson attack that killed the US ambassador to Libya. Once again, any(prenominal) commentators have framed these events as a clash of cultures and a polar moment in Western and Moslem relations. However, the evidence suggests that the clash of civilizati ons thesis is exaggerated.So in relation to the Arab Spring, it is more helpful to see it as a clash between people and governments within the Arab world, caused in large discover by incompetent governance and an inability to listen to what the people want. setback to the clash argument, the Arab Spring is not a clash between Islamic radicalism and the west. Looking closely at the region reveals that each upheaval has Its limited characteristics, each country its own history and ethnic mix. In Bahrain, for example, the Arab Spring has manifested itself in an explosion of long-held tensions between Sunnis and Shih Muslims.There Is some interesting polling that popular concerns some democracy In Bahrain have decreased since the start of the troubles, while encores somewhat Iran have increased. In Egypt, people simply wanted a deviate Embark was self-evidently time-expired and the longer the military try to hold on to power (prompted in part by their large stake in the economy), the lower their popular support becomes. Similar, although more extreme, concerns apply In Libya, exacerbated by the tribal nature of Libyan society (a really big determinant).Its in addition instructive to note what is happening in Tunisia, which seems to be providing a in truth Arab/North African take on democracy but which seems to be working nonetheless. So In essence, the Arab Spring Is not really clash of civilizations territory at all. The role of Islam in the Arab Spring Jane Simonton, Chatham Houses middle east expert, comments in relation to Tunisia and Egypt that The vague, catch-all term Salamis belies the diversity of movements that seek to draw inspiration, determine and legitimacy from Islam. There are enormous differences In thinking both between different Salamis groups, and wealth them.Crucially, this diversity Is likely to Increase as a result of the new-found political opening in the Arab world. Salamis movements OFF uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia succeeded pre cisely because they avoided the divisions of ideology, class and, in Egypt, religion that have traditionally fractured and belittled opposition movements in the Arab world. Certainly Salamis movements were more successful than any different parties in the recent parliamentary elections in Egypt and Tunisia, prompting some observers to shoot down them of stealing the revolutions.The protests that drove political changes in 2011 hoisted slogans with universal appeal affair for freedom, dignity, social Justice more than they referred specifically Islamic slogans. They were not Salamis, anti-legalist or non- Salamis protests Psalmists participated alongside secularists, liberals and leftists and there were striking images of Muslims and Christians guarding each new(prenominal)s prayers in Their Square. Neither Salamis movements nor other existing political parties can claim credit for these youth-led, spontaneously prominence street movements.Thus, what we are seeing is far from t he rise of a monumental civilizations identity, but rather an intra-civilizations splintering over political and economic ideas. coda clash within the Arab world The Arab Spring is not so a lot to be seen as a clash of civilizations but rather a power struggle motivated by pollarded sectarian differences within Arab countries. TTY McCormick in the Huffing Post argues It is clear that a clash within civilizations helps to explain the Arab Spring more than a clash between them.William Misacts writing in the Journal, Foreign Affair, also questions the clash of civilizations thesis On 9/1 1, the global Jihads movement burst into the worlds consciousness, but a decade later, convey in part to the Arab Spring and the killing of Osama bin Laden, it is in crisis. With Western-backed dictators falling, al Qaeda might seem closer than ever to its goal of construction Islamic states. But the revolutions have empowered the groups chief rivals instead Salamis parliamentarians, who are willi ng to use ballots, not bombs.Activities (1) Follow on discussion To what effect is does the Arab Spring constitute a clash of civilizations Given that this topic is in many ways Just a footnote to the wider debate over the clash of civilizations thesis, it might be worth asking groups to draw up precise lists of points both for and against this action. (2) Arab Spring mint-presentations allocate members of the class to one of the Arab Spring countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria and so on ) and ask them to do a one-slide presentation outlining key events etc.

Are leaders born or made ? Essay

There is no mistrust that hireing come apart their leadinghiphip skills through life learning experiences, training, coaching, mentoring and fleshyworking. some tidy sum believe that leading atomic number 18 born naturally intelligent, visionary, magnetic and able to articulate a plan and rally their teams around it. nonetheless there atomic number 18 others who says that leaders are both born and do naturally intelligent and extroverted people, enhanced with education, training and experience.We often view the proverb Born to lead, but it does non mean that leaders are born only but not made, because to be a leader you must first be a follower, true leaders do not walk in the front, they simply follow the rest. constitution may have some influence on who a mortal becomes. It is the upbringing of a person which either makes him leader or a follower. I think leaders are born as strong as are made, because one may have the ability to lead but not the experience and s kills to be a leader and skills develop through the life learning experiences. We have many examples of born leaders as well as made leaders.Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Martin Luther King were few of the leaders who make their way to be a leader through their dedication, hard work, experience, intelligence, qualities and skills. Then, there are some born leaders like visionary Mohammad (P.B.U.H), Jesus, and Prophet Noah are few chosen leaders who lead people of their generation as well as still leading the generations of today. I think it all depends how one perceive about a leader, for me it does not matter that leader are made or born, what matters the most is how leaders develop their skills through their experiences and leadership is a lifetime learning activity. You are never done because there is always more to learn. There are always skills you need to improve.

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How Powerful Do You Find Atticus Finch’s Closing Speech?

In a final gambol to secure freedom for tom turkey Robinson, genus genus genus genus genus genus Atticus Finch routines several linguistic tools in his finale speech to the jury to attempt to sway their opinions of Toms fault in the crime. Emotive language is used in Atticuss speech to create a powerful military force in his audience. He first uses to make populate incur sorry for Mayella Ewell She is the victim of cruel poverty and ignorance.Use of the word victim is effective in building sympathize with for Mayella, as it implies that she is non at fault for her misfortunes and is or else the poor unfortunate soul suffering due to circumstances that she could not control. This pity is then used as a way for the jurors to feel a connection with Tom, who, as Atticus points push through, is a quiet, respectable, humble pitch blackness who had the unmitigated temerity to feel sorry for a lily-white cleaning lady.By reminding the jurors that Tom is not so different from th em, in that they entirely pity Mayella, Atticus relates them with Tom. Pity for Tom is in like manner evoked, as Atticus reminds the jurors that Tom was merely a quiet, respectable, humble Negro. Words much(prenominal) as humble builds up an image of an unassuming man and plants a little seed of doubt about Toms guilt in the minds of the jurors. Atticus also tries to lead the jury to feel pity for Tom by putting a little emphasis on Toms plight Tom has had to put his word against two white wads. In that time of racial prejudice, for Tom to contradict every white person was a desperate path, as black people are usu all(prenominal)y assumed to be in the wrong automatically, and therefore, by reminding the jurors of Toms testimony, Atticus is attempting to bring forth pity for Tom. The odor of the statework forcet also suggests that such(prenominal) a drastic action was not by choice with the phrase has had to, Atticus is insinuating that it was Toms last resort, that Tom was f orced by the circumstances to challenge the Ewellss testimonies.The show is presented to the jury in a clear manner There is minute evidence to indicate that Mayella Ewell was beaten savagely by someone who conduct almost exclusively with his left and Tom Robinson now sits before you, having interpreted the oath with the only good hand he possesses his right hand. Here, Atticus is very definite on the evidence and leaves no room for ambiguity he emphasises the fact that Tom had only one functional hand, his right.The effect of this observation is powerful, because it forces the jury to take a mo custodyt and reconsider Atticuss state custodyt clearly outlines that Mayella was beaten by a left-hander, a feat impossible for the crippled Tom, therefore reinforcing an earlier assertion by Atticus The defendant is not guilty, but someone in this court-room is. The note of hand in this allegation adds a little dramatic tension to the standard atmosphere of the courtroom and helps Atticus gain the interest and attention of the audience as they wait to hear to whom Atticus has assigned the guilt.The dance step of Atticuss speech also brings in another persuasive element. An example of this is seen when Atticus disdains the assumption that all black people are liars and immoral beings not to be trusted around white women Which, gentlemen, we know is in itself a lie as black as Tom Robinsons skin, a lie I do not have to point out to you. The words of this statement suggest a rather forceful tone as Atticus asserts that to stereotype is wrong.Through the use of inclusive phrases, such as we know, Atticus is also able to evoke a slight feeling of shame in the jurors as he indirectly reprimands their prejudice by implying that they ought to have known that their generalisation of black people was simply not true. Atticus tries further to break this long-ingrained prejudice by telling his audience that they are all the same You know the rectitude and the truth is this some Negroes lie, some Negroes are immoral, some Negro men are not to be trusted around women black and white. moreover this is a truth that applies to the human break away and to no particular race of men. There is not a person in this court-room who has never told a lie, who has never done an immoral thing, and there is no man animate who has never looked upon a woman with desire. With this proclamation, Atticus is able to show that Tom is no different in character to anyone else and that the jury should not take into account racist perceptions to influence their verdict and cause them to judge Tom basing their opinions on how likely they think those of his race are to commit this terrible offense.Atticus later augments his plea by noting that ideally, justice is blind But there is one way in this country in which all men are created equal The institution, gentlemen, is a court in our courts, all men are created equal. Atticus is beseeching the jurors to look upon the case with an unprejudiced eye, reminding all that everyone deserves justice, regardless of skin colour.His point, that all men are created equal, is also repeated, to emphasise that a jury, or indeed, anyone at all, should not judge base on race, but on the truth. Personally, I find Atticuss speech extremely powerful in that it is deeply convincing. The manipulation and use of the words is also incredibly effective, causing the audience to feel on the nose as intended and by the end of the speech, one could hardly doubt that Tom was truly innocent of the heinous crime of which he was accused.

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Overcoming Obstacles Essay

For the bulk of my schoolman career failure was non something to which I was accustomed. I had never in truth struggled in any particular playing area and I was able to succeed with relatively little effort. This changed my freshman year of last school day. I had always taken classes for the academically gifted and thought myself to be preferably capable however, I found myself on the verge of failing multiple classes. I assumed this was something every high school student experienced until I legitimate my class rank halfway through the year and I completed how utmost I was from the academic standing I had known. This wakeup call is what drove me to make a change in how I approached my education. I started by analyzing my schedule. I had been trying to counterweight multiple honors and AP classes, band, work, Boy Scouts, and socializing. Between attempting to bamboozle these activities and get enough sleep, I realized I was in way over my head. I required to reorganiz e my priorities. The puzzle was that there were just so umpteen things I wanted to do, but I was non dedicating enough judgment of conviction to the things that needed the most work. With this in mind I established a plan to not do anything else until everything school related was completed. However, formerly I put my plan into action, it was not colossal until I realized that I just could not completely defy up my social life.So, I suggested to my friends that preferably of just hanging out, we could use the time to study as a assemblage instead. We discovered that each of us had antithetical strengths and that the material being studied could be understood more completely as we explained it to each other. I also erudite that I needed to break bring down academic tasks into more manageable pieces. I did not have to attack the all told problem all at once. I organize daily checkpoints on long term assignments and class reading requirements. By reaching these intermedia te goals, the challenges that I previously thought insurmountable were actually quite achievable. This mindset helped me regain my confidence and resist more positively. This in turn helped me to focus, repair my grades, and gain a greater level of understanding. What I gained from this experience was also relevant to the rest of my life. I learned to set priorities, develop my work ethic, drive towards academic and personal goals, and value the importance of work together on a team.

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Technology in Healthcare: Good or Bad

lI call back that engineering science is both good and meritless in the healthc be field. With technology perpetually changing, in that respect is no end to what we clear do. Technology allows us to use computers or computerized systems to collect, process, and store pertinent data. It also allows up to progress to the future with the machines we use in the healthcare field. Some of the upsides are break down record keeping, data analysis, and convenient living which can provide more strike medical billing. Patient security and sentry duty is a concern with all advances in technology.After all, without the patients, what business would the healthcare field take away? Technology via machines that are used are constantly progressing. These can be real good in the development of split machines to help to aide patients in get around treatment and less lengthy infirmary stays. There are downsides to technology in healthcare though. Lets figure for a minute. What causes erro rs in healthcare technology? Human error. This can be via inadequately trained, inexperienced, tired, or even cases where people acceptt admit they made a mistake.How about faulty equipment or broadcastme? If a machine or program is not running properly wherefore it isnt going to give the effective results. One social occasion for sure is that there has to be constant monitoring and troubleshooting to get a safe environment for both the patient, the hospital or facility, and also for the companies who keep back the products we use in the technological facet of healthcare. With technology being a distinct for the future, I think its dear a wait and see thing as to whether it ends up being ruin or worse.